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Looking for a monthly flat rate conference service? LOOK NO FURTHER!

With MTP Conferencing you can have your very own conference running in no time! Not only is our conferencing solution feature packed, but it is also the most affordable on the market! Our web interface allows you to manage your conferences like never before. Start an Instant Conference in under 5 seconds or start a Web Admin Conference in under 2 minutes! Need to share your screen? We have also partnered with projector to offer screen sharing and hosting of online meetings that are easy to attend. Participants join in 1 Click with a personalized link for every meeting on any device and do not need to download any software to attend. Try it free. Click to sign up for your free account.

Our conference bridge is packed full of amazing features. Below is a list of some of the best!
No Reservations

You can hold a conference whenever you want.

No Time Limits

Hold a conference for as long you like.

All Digital Lines

Digital lines provide better conference quality.

Unlimited Users

Hold a conference for any number of people.

Echo Canceler

We stop echoes before they happen.

Full Web Control

Manage conferences via web admin interface.

Call Recording

Record conferences for playback or download.

Active Talker

See which callers are currently talking.

Presentation Mode

Auto mute all callers but moderators.

Caller ID

View callers by their number and name.

Q & A Mode

Allows callers to unmute themselves to ask a question.

Unlimited Conferences

There is no limit to the number of conferences you can have.

Free Call Detail Reports

Get a reports of all your conferences.

Mobile Friendly

Start a conference from your mobile phone or tablet!

1 Number & 1 Conference ID

One dial in number & one conference ID to remember.

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Simple plans - No fuss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Moderator Pin?

This action gives the organizer/moderator the ability to lock the conference , change the conference mode between conversation, Q&A and presentation mode, optional entry and exit chimes and to the option announce the number of participants on the call . You may have multiple organizers/moderator during a conference.

What is Presentation Mode?

This mode automatically mutes every member of the conference, except those who have entered the moderator PIN, enabling conference participants to listen without being able to speak to others on the conference. This mode works best with large groups of participants for reducing background noise, and is accessible to those who use the moderator PIN when entering a conference. At any time during a conference, conference organizers/moderators can switch between presentation mode, conversation mode and Q&A mode by toggling.

What is Q&A Mode?

This mode allows participants to un-mute themselves, permitting a "question and answer" or interactive session to be held during a conference call that was set to presentation mode. This mode is accessible to those who provide the moderator PIN when joining the conference. At any time during a conference, conference organizers/moderators can switch between Q&A mode, presentation mode and conversation mode by toggling.

Are there any Privacy & Security features?

There are several different privacy features. Each call has a unique conference ID for entry. Also, there is a short tone heard on the conference call whenever anyone exits or enters the conference. Additionally, organizers/moderators on a conference can view the web panel or *0 to hear how many other parties are on the call.

Does your service support Worldwide usage?

You should be able to reach our conference systems from anywhere in the world. Of course, you will incur international long distance charges if you are not within the United States when you call. Anyone who is able to access a standard long distance call to the United States from their own country can participate in a call.

How do I use the record mode?

To record anytime during the conference, the moderator/organizer can simply select "record" from the web panel over via telephone touch tones. You can record and stop recording as needed. Once the recording is complete, it will remain available until you for 180 days. It recommend that if you wish to keep your recordings longer than 180 days, that you download the recording and save it to your hard drive. You can record an unlimited number of times. Your have the option of converting your recording to MP3 format or just saving as a .WAV file. Those that missed the conference call also have the option of accessing the conference call from a telephone, as long as the moderator has selected the sharing feature from the moderator panel.

What is a conference number/conference ID?

To join a conference as a participant, enter the assigned conference number, then and follow the voice prompts. Participants can access basic conference controls such as the help menu, self-mute, etc. during a conference.

What if I need more than 2000 lines?

No problem! Just fill out the form below and select the Ultimate plan. Then, in the comments box tell us how many lines you think you will need.